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Dave Barton
Dave Barton
Dave Barton
Real Life Stories

David's Wingus Story.

After decades of supporting others, a wheelchair industry professional finds himself in need after a devasting stroke left him with mobility challenges.
After decades of supporting others, a wheelchair industry professional finds himself in need after a devasting stroke left him with mobility challenges.

David Barton, 47, from Leeds spent over 2 decades working in the wheelchair industry educating mobility companies and technicians all over the world on the benefits that a uniquely fitted wheelchair makes to a person’s life.

David, a keen rugby and cricket fan lead a rich and active life supporting others and travelling the world on cruises stopping off to visit many cities and countries along the way. He spent a large portion of his adult life working for wheelchair manufacturer Ottobock in the custom seating division, where he helped countless people maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

In 2020, at the start of the first lockdown, David’s life took a shuddering turn after he suffered a left hemisphere stroke, affecting the right side of his body including his right arm, leg and foot. In the initial weeks following his stroke, David was told that he would need to spend a year in hospital working on his rehabilitation and that he would most probably never walk again.

Determined to get back to his home, David’s tenacity shone through and after a great deal of hard work rehabilitating, he took those first few precious steps over short distances, improving his motor skills and was able to go home within six months.

Once at home, David was eager to regain independence and wanted a powered wheelchair that was both easy to use and comfortable. Having worked with the product previously, and knowing its quality, the Ottobock Wingus was an easy choice for him.

The Wingus is a sit-and-drive power wheelchair with a rear wheel drive that is equally suited for indoor and outdoor use. This compact, manoeuvrable, entry-level model combines reliable functionality with an appealing, minimalist design.

“As soon as I got the Wingus I had more confidence to go out”, said David.” It was so easy to use, I could get around town and enjoy being out of the house again. My parents live at the top of a hill so going to see them could have been a real struggle. Now I have my chair I am usually waiting at the top of the hill for my companions to catch up!", David continued.

Now two years after his stoke, David returned to watch his beloved Yorkshire County Cricket Club for the first time. “Being able to go back to the stadium was such a great moment for me” David said. “Regaining my independence so that I can do the things I did before my stroke was a big achievement, I’ve also been able to get back on the cruise ships.”

David’s rehabilitation continues to be a priority for him but he’s certainly making the most out of life in the meantime. His dedication to his recovery and rehab has given him these opportunities and he is an inspiration to anyone facing adversity and challenges in life.