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Juvo B4

Compact and robust

The Juvo B4 with rear-wheel drive offers enhanced safety and comfortable damping characteristics for outdoor use while still being compact and manoeuvrable indoors. Permanent drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven surfaces and the wheelchair’s small outside dimension makes it easier to drive through narrow doorways and navigate in confined spaces.

Like all models in the Juvo product line, the B4 features a modular design and offers a high level of flexibility. The available options and features for the mobility base, seating unit and control device result in a modern and customised fitting. High-quality components such as the variably adjustable seat (VAS) or the TEN° control device can also be selected.

From £3795.00 (RRP)

Available through Motability

The Juvo B4 is available to lease through the Motability Scheme. The Motability Scheme provides an affordable and convenient way for disabled people and those with limited mobility to get mobile completely stress-free. All insurance, servicing, maintenance and repairs are included in the weekly price at no extra cost.


Juvo B4 - Stand out features

Luggage carrier

The optional luggage carrier is ideal for transporting luggage. The maximum load capacity is 15 kg.


Modular seating solutions

We offer a range of modules which can be combined with one another to create a seating solution that is customised for you. These include our variably adjustable seat (VAS), contour package, Baxx line and our premium seat cushions.

External power supply

External power supply receptacles are a new feature on the Juvo B4: 12 V, 24 V and a USB charging receptacle with two inputs. This means you can charge your mobile phone when you’re out and about.

Control devices

We offer you a choice of two control devices, the VR2 and the TEN°, to ensure that you can easily operate your Juvo B4 every day. The housing for the TEN° control device is available in various colours.

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Control Devices

Control Devices


The tried-and-tested VR2 is our basic control device, which can be programmed to suit your personal needs. The control panel is divided into a keypad, two LED displays and a joystick. A charging receptacle is located on the underside.


The TEN° handheld control device leads to a small ergonomic revolution for you as a user. The soft hand support prevents premature fatigue and the innovative rotary control with 10° rotation angle makes it easier to access the speed regulations. In addition the high-resolution 3.5" colour display gives you a good overview of the user interface.


Attendant Control

The VR2 and TEN° control devices can be combined with an attendant control device. It can be positioned on the back of the wheelchair or on the left or right side. Another person can then provide assistance during driving and can also permit easy operation of the power seat adjustments.


Special Controls

Alternative types of input can be used when standard joysticks don’t offer the best option. For example, the mini joystick is mounted on an electronic swivel arm for control with the chin or lips. The alternative types of control can be used to control the seat functions as well as your communication devices and home environment.


Benefits for you

Mobility base

The rear-wheel drive mobility base of the Juvo B4 is robust, durable and requires little maintenance. Driving through narrow doorways and navigating in confined spaces is made easier by the small outside dimension with a width of just 59 cm. Smaller wheel sizes are available for indoor use.

Seating solutions

Seating solutions

Standard Seat

The standard Juvo B4 seat can be adjusted via the arm supports. The side panels provide stable support and the height and depth of the soft arm support pads can be adjusted to suit your needs. There is also the option to have the manually adjustable 30° back support to be power operated if you choose. The back support frame can be folded forward onto the seat bottom for storage or transportation and there is a variety of leg supports that can be selected.

Variably Adjustable Seat (VAS)

The VAS (Variably Adjustable Seat) can be adjusted down to the centimetre. It comes with an adjustable padded back support and a flat seat cushion as standard. The Ergo Joint back support angle adjustment is almost entirely free from uncomfortable shear forces. Elevating arm supports and a broad range of leg rest versions are optionally available.

Contour Package

Our collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists has resulted in an optimally shaped seat which is available in a wide range of sizes and contours. The front seat base is formed by the anatomically shaped seat surface, which offers a high level of lateral stability. Moulded to the shape of the thigh, the cushion helps relieve the hip joints. An integrated “ramp” also aids the optimal positioning of the pelvis. Together with the back support pad, it helps to actively straighten the pelvis. Both components of the contour package can be combined with the standard and VAS seating solutions.

Baxx Line

The Baxx line consists of ergonomically shaped, rigid back shells offering you a high level of stability and sitting comfort for everyday use. Two different heights and three contours allow for individual adaptation to your requirements. The top of the back is padded to make sitting especially comfortable. Large recesses in the back shell make it lightweight and improve
the sitting “climate” thanks to good ventilation. The aluminium back shell is available in a variety of colours. The Baxx line products can be combined with the VAS.

Shape Custom Contoured Seating
Discover our Custom Seating Systems

Shape Seating Systems are the only solution for patients with complex needs as the design and accessories can be fully customised to suit the needs of the user.

Technical data

Technical data


6/7.2/10 kmph

Rated battery capacity

AGM 53 Ah (C5), 62 Ah (C20)

Gel 63 Ah (C5), 74Ah (C20)

Driving distance ranges (according to ISO 7176-4)

up to 35 km with AGM battery 53 Ah (C5), 62 Ah (C20)

up to 45 km with gel battery 63 Ah (C5), 74 Ah (C20)

Control device

VR2 or TEN°

Max. load

160 kg

Obstacle height the wheelchair is able to overcome

50, 85 or 90 mm optional

Climbing ability (according to ISO 7176-2)

7° (12%)

Overall width

585-595 mm

Min. turning radius (acc. to ISO 7176-5)

from 800 mm

Seat height (depending on seating solution)

410-570 mm

Seat width

340-560 mm

Seat depth

340-580 mm

Back support angle

-9° to +30° mechanical
0° to +30° power

Seat tilt

20°/45° power

Seat inclination

-3° / 0° / 3° / 6° / 9°

Back support height

370-550 mm

Arm support height

200-400 mm

Lower leg length

150-540 mm

Max. charging time

12 h

Weight when empty

from 93.5 kg




Hemiplegia is where one side of the body is paralysed. It can affect either side of the body. It is caused by damage to the brain, such as a stroke. This can happen before, during or after birth. The condition can be congenital or acquired.


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