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12K44 - Elbow prosthetics

ErgoArm Hybrid plus

This component is ideally suited for use in hybrid prostheses with a myoelectric hand and elbow joint lock, which are operated using a body harness. Electric cables can be artfully concealed inside the prosthesis thanks to the “Easy Plug” integrated cable guide. It also makes it easy to connect the electrode and battery cables to the elbow ball. This not only reduces the risk of a defect (e.g. due to broken cables) but also helps the prosthesis integrate more smoothly into your overall appearance.

Product typeErgoArm
Product familybebionic, Myobock prosthetic system for adults
ColorSkin colored, Black
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ErgoArm upper arm prostheses


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Product information

Product typeErgoArm
Product familybebionic, Myobock prosthetic system for adults
ColorSkin colored, Black
User groupadults, elderly

Product Data

Article numberUpper arm connection ØFor lamination ring ØFor hand sizeColor
12K44=452.76 ″1.77 ″7 – 7 1/4Skin colour 4
12K44=502.76 ″1.97 ″7 3/4 – 8 1/4Skin colour 4
12K44=50-12.76 ″1.97 ″7 3/4 – 8 1/4Skin colour 11
12K44=50-22.76 ″1.97 ″7 3/4 – 8 1/4Skin colour 15
12K44=45-72.76 ″1.77 ″7 – 7 1/4Black 7
12K44=50-72.76 ″1.97 ″7 3/4 – 8 1/4Black 7



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The ErgoArm Electronic Plus is lightweight, versatile, and can be locked and released electronically or via a switch. The internal Infinite Position lock is cable-operated and can be locked, or unlocked, under load in any position. It can bear a load of up to 230N at a forearm length of 305mm. The Slip-Stop function makes it possible to lower the forearm in a controlled manner without having to fully release and reactivate the lock. In the ErgoArm Electronic plus, this feature is electronic versus mechanical. Automatic Forearm Balance (AFB) supports flexion by using energy stored during extension. It promotes a smoother motion when swinging the arm, making it easier to lift the arm. For improved cosmesis, the AFB finger wheel is the same color as the forearm shell. Easy Plug allows the electrode and battery connecting cables to be plugged into the elbow cover. Internal cables enhance overall cosmetic appearance while also increasing durability. Electronic Lock enables the user to control the elbow’s locking and unlocking with myoelectric signals or by means of a switch. Eight switching modes are available which permits customization of the lock control system to the user’s personal requirements. A membrane cover in the crook of the arm protects internal components and prevents user’s clothing from potentially getting trapped, enhancing overall appearance and functionality.

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