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3S80 - Knee prosthetics

Sport knee joint

Simply active. Find the perfect balance.
A sports knee joint has to withstand the high loads that develop and act on the prosthesis while running. The familiar, patented principle of rotation hydraulics is used in a modified form in the 3S80 Sport as well. The joint is also equipped with a manual lock. Compact and robust, the 3S80 Sport is optimized for any type of running.The lower leg of the prosthesis swings through freely to an angle of about 60° in the flexion direction. Even at high stride rates, a smooth extension stop is ensured by extension damping applied along the entire extension movement, which increases significantly shortly before reaching the end position. Flexion and extension damping can be adjusted separately and individually.*Specific adaptations are available on request.
Product typeMechanic Monocentric
Max. body weight220.46 lbs
All specifications

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Product information

Product typeMechanic Monocentric
Max. body weight220.46 lbs
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation
User groupchildren, adults

Product Data

Article number3S803S80=1
Max. body weight220.46 lbs220.46 lbs
Weight682 lbs682 lbs
Proximal connection



Distal connection



Range135 °135 °
System height48 ″48 ″
Proximal system height to alignment reference point28 ″28 ″
Distal system height to alignment reference point20 ″20 ″
Build height84 ″84 ″
Proximal build height to alignment reference point46 ″46 ″
Distal build height to alignment reference point38 ″38 ″


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3R80Knee prosthetics
As someone with a prosthesis, confidence in your knee joint throughout daily activities is key. That's why we've been dedicated to developing a knee joint that makes you feel supported and independent in every day life. The 3R80 features unique rotation hydraulics that allows both the stance and swing phase to be controlled by the hydraulics. For example, walking down stairs step-over-step and walking down inclines at various walking speeds are supported by the joint that closely mimics the physiological gait pattern. Additionally, the knee is now approved for users up to 330 lbs, has a manual lock for increased safety, and is water-resistant to a depth of 3 meters.