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50K324 - Leg & knee orthotics

Agilium Reactive

Less knee pain. More life
User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
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Benefits at a glance

Agilium Reactive – for relief and stability

Dirk at work.
Suitable for everyday use

Thanks to its slim design, the brace can be discreetly worn under everyday clothing – it’s hardly visible.

Dirk sitting on a bench
Sit more comfortably at the touch of a button

Do you often experience uncomfortable pressure from the brace when sitting? The Agilium Reactive has a strap that can be loosened at the touch of a button and secured again with a few turns.

Dirk wearing his brace on the way to feed the horses.
Less pain

Many knee braces provide pain relief but restrict movement of the knee. The Agilium Reactive uses a lateral hinge design, which places the mechanics of the brace on the outside of the leg. This placement ensures the brace provides direct pain relief without interfering with the opposing leg during your favorite activities.

User Experience

Back in action

Dirk with the Agilium Reactive

The Agilium Reactive made it possible for Dirk to continue renovating his historic watermill.


Relief for the knee with osteoarthritis

Do you have joint pain?

The reason is often wear and tear, known as arthrosis in professional circles. This condition often occurs on the knee. Learn more about arthrosis here and read how to manage, relieve and prevent the pain.


Learn More

Two women sit outside while catching up. One wears the Ottobock Genu Arexa on her left knee.

Leg and knee orthotics

Take confident strides towards better leg and knee health. Learn about leg and knee orthoses and discover how these innovative devices can make a world of difference in your mobility and comfort.


Product information

User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
Functional principlesother
MaterialAluminium, Plastic, Textile
Product typeKnee orthoses, rigid frame



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