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6Y110 - Prosthetic liners

Skeo Sealing

Sealed. Done.
Product typeSealing
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Skeo Sealing liner – secure hold, reliable fit

Man standing in the garage. Looking at the boot.
A firm hold, all day long

With the Skeo Sealing, you can relax and focus on all the challenges of your everyday life. The vacuum is reliably maintained thanks to the sealing ring.

Man standing at the sink cleaning his liner.
Keep it simple!

Hard to put on and take off? Time-consuming to wash? Long drying times? Not at all! The Skeo Sealing offers all the advantages that come with especially easy handling and requires surprisingly little care.

Man with dog sitting on the sofa looking at his phone.
Sit back and relax

A pleasant feeling on the skin in every situation – the Skeo Sealing liner gives you an all around sense of well-being.

User Experience

Secure comfort

Secure comfort 

Feri wears the Skeo Sealing liner because it makes everyday life easier. It is soft yet keeps its shape and is impervious to water, so it can withstand any demand. Feri also feels safe and well supported with the liner while climbing stairs.


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The relevance of a prosthetic foot

Ottobock offers a wide range of prosthetic feet solutions. Learn which one is right for you based on your personal goals, amputation level, and activity level.


Product information

Product typeSealing
Mobility grade2, 3, 4
Max. body weightNo limit
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation
User groupyouths, adults, mature adults, women, men
Distal connection

Without distal connection

Product Data

Article numberCircumferenceRing hight
6Y110=280X1011,02 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=280X1711,02 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=300X1011,81 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=300X1711,81 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=320X1012,60 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=320X1712,60 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=340X1013,39 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=340X1713,39 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=360X1014,17 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=360X1714,17 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=380X1014,96 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=380X1714,96 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=400X1015,75 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=400X1715,75 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=450X1017,71 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=450X1717,71 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=500X1019,68 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=500X1719,68 ″6,69 ″
6Y110=550X1021,65 ″3,94 ″
6Y110=550X1721,65 ″6,69 ″
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation


Wall thicknessFrom approx. 0.24 ″, tapering to 0.10 ″
Textile coverwithout
ColourLight grey
Exterior coatingwith
Socket designSpecific weight-bearing socket
MatrixContinuous matrix



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DERMA Prevent forms a protective film on the skin and helps prevent chafing and odor formation on stressed skin.