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7E10 - Hip prosthetics

Helix3D prosthetic hip joint

Helix3D prosthesis solution

You expect comfort, dynamics, and safety from a prosthetic hip joint? Then you will find the benefits of our innovative Helix3D hip joint system convincing. It is the world's first hip joint that is able to hydraulically control three-dimensional movements in the swing and stance phase.

The Helix3D system is suitable for a body weight up to 100 kgs (220.46 lbs). This translates into significant gains in terms of safety and comfort for hip disarticulation patients and pelvic amputees (hemipelvectomy).

Product typeMechanic Polycentric
Mobility grade2, 3
Max. body weight220.46 lbs
All specifications

Natural movement thanks to 3D technology

The patented multi-axis joint structure

  • Produces a three-dimensional hip movement to compensate for pelvic rotation and promotes a symmetrical and natural gait pattern. (Fig. 1)
  • Permits shortening of the leg in the swing phase with the objective of reducing the risk of falling, thereby improving functional safety.
  • Ensures optimal sitting characteristics and reduces pelvic obliquity to a minimum.
  • Permits a large flexion angle to provide relief in everyday situations such as putting on shoes or getting into a car.

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Product information

Product typeMechanic Polycentric
Mobility grade2, 3
Max. body weight220.46 lbs

Product Data

Article number7E10=L7E10=R
Max. body weight220.46 lbs220.46 lbs
Mobility grade2, 32, 3
Weight2.18 lbs2.18 lbs
Proximal connection

Lamination plate

Lamination plate

Distal connection



Range130 °130 °
System height5.75 ″5.75 ″
Build height6.46 ″6.46 ″
Sideleft (L)right (R)



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