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8S11N - Prosthetic gloves

MyoSkin Natural

The prosthesis shouldn’t be the first thing people see: That’s what many prosthesis users want. For this reason, the MySkin Myo cover is individually adapted to the colour and structure of your skin and fabricated for you by hand. This makes each cover unique – just like you. Apart from its natural appearance, the silicone cover stands out for its functional grip and long-lasting aesthetic look. Unlike PVC gloves, this cover can be easily cleaned on a daily basis, usually with nothing more than water and soap.

User groupmen
Product familyMyobock prosthetic system for adults, Dynamic Arm
ColourSkin colored
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

MyoiSkin Natural – aesthetic and easy care

User with her friend at a flower stall at the weekly market
Aesthetics and function

The MyoSkin Natural cover combines functional gripping with a custom appearance made especially for you. As a result, your prosthesis is barely noticeable at first glance and provides you with reliable support in your everyday life.

User at her workplace
Ensuring more self-confidence

Feeling good in your own body – for many people, this goes hand in hand with an aesthetic outward appearance. Thanks to its natural look, as well as easy handling and maintenance, the silicone cover will make you feel better about your body and enhance your self-confidence.

User cycling in Berlin
Non-slip grip

Thanks to silicone’s non-slip properties, the MyoSkin Natural cover allows for a precise grip. This is a major benefit particularly when driving a car or riding a bike and when playing sports.

Working with a technician to choose the right colours
Custom colors for you

Your silicone cover is modelled after your sound hand. With your technician’s help, you will choose the different skin tones for the back of the hand, wrist and palm. The colour of your natural fingernails will be taken into account as well.

Closing the bicycle lock
Easy care

Whether at work or in your free time, your prosthesis may often come into contact with newsprint, pen ink or bicycle chain grease, which can leave marks on the cover. The big advantage of the silicone cover: you can easily remove such marks with water and soap during daily cleaning.


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Product information

User groupmen
Product familyMyobock prosthetic system for adults, Dynamic Arm
ColourSkin colored
Product typeMyoSkin Natural glove

Product Data

Article numberSideFor hand sizeInner handSleeve lengthCircumference sleeve end
8S11N=225X80Lleft (L)8 1/48X18=L8 1/4
8X24=L8 1/4
13.78 ″260 mm
8S11N=210X78Lleft (L)7 3/48X18=L7 3/4
8X24=L7 3/4
12.6 ″250 mm
8S11N=190X76Lleft (L)7 1/48X18=L7 1/4
8X24=L7 1/4
11.81 ″230 mm
8S11N=225X80Rright (R)8 1/48X18=R8 1/4
8X24=R8 1/4
13.78 ″260 mm
8S11N=210X78Rright (R)7 3/48X18=R7 3/4
8X24=R7 3/4
12.6 ″250 mm
8S11N=190X76Rright (R)7 1/48X18=R7 1/4
8X24=R7 1/4
11.81 ″230 mm



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