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RS2~50_B - Foot prosthetics


Your shoe, your choice.

Are you looking for a prosthetic foot that gives you more flexibility and spontaneity in choosing your footwear? As an active user, the Runway prosthetic foot can offer you just that. You can quickly adapt its heel height to footwear with heels from 0 to 5 cm. This gives you flexibility in choosing your footwear according to the occasion and activity.

Product typeMechanic
Mobility grade2, 3
Max. body weight255.74 lbs
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Runway – versatile and adaptable

Setting the heel height
Easy adjustment of the heel height

Changing shoes at short notice is no problem! The heel height can be adjusted quickly at the touch of a button. Now you don’t have to think about making time-consuming settings on the prosthetic foot or changing to a different prosthetic foot, let alone visiting your O&P professional. 

Setting the heel height
Wear a variety of shoes

Whether it's a normal workday at the office, or a dinner at an up-scale restaurant, you can adapt your prosthetic foot to your needs. Depending on the shoes you decide to wear, you can adjust the heel height to footwear with heels of up to 5 cm. Take advantage of this freedom!


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Product information

Product typeMechanic
Mobility grade2, 3
Max. body weight255.74 lbs
Amputation levelTranstibial amputation
User groupadults
ActivitiesDaily use

Product Data

Article numberSizeSide
RS2-00-01A22-RL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A22-RR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A22-SL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A22-SR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A23-RL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A23-RR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A23-SL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A23-SR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A24-RL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A24-RR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A24-SL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A24-SR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A25-RL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A25-RR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A25-SL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A25-SR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A26-RL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A26-RR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A26-SL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A26-SR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A27-RL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A27-RR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A27-SL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A27-SR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A28-RL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A28-RR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-01A28-SL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-01A28-SR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A22-RL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A22-RR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A22-SL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A22-SR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A23-RL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A23-RR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A23-SL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A23-SR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A24-RL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A24-RR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A24-SL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A24-SR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A25-RL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A25-RR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A25-SL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A25-SR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A26-RL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A26-RR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A26-SL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A26-SR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A27-RL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A27-RR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A27-SL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A27-SR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A28-RL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A28-RR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-02A28-SL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-02A28-SR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A22-RL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A22-RR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A22-SL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A22-SR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A23-RL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A23-RR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A23-SL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A23-SR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A24-RL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A24-RR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A24-SL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A24-SR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A25-RL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A25-RR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A25-SL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A25-SR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A26-RL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A26-RR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A26-SL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A26-SR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A27-RL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A27-RR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A27-SL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A27-SR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A28-RL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A28-RR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-03A28-SL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-03A28-SR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A22-RL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A22-RR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A22-SL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A22-SR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A23-RL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A23-RR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A23-SL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A23-SR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A24-RL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A24-RR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A24-SL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A24-SR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A25-RL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A25-RR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A25-SL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A25-SR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A26-RL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A26-RR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A26-SL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A26-SR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A27-RL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A27-RR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A27-SL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A27-SR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A28-RL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A28-RR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-04A28-SL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-04A28-SR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A22-RL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A22-RR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A22-SL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A22-SR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A23-RL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A23-RR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A23-SL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A23-SR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A24-RL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A24-RR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A24-SL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A24-SR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A25-RL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A25-RR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A25-SL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A25-SR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A26-RL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A26-RR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A26-SL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A26-SR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A27-RL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A27-RR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A27-SL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A27-SR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A28-RL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A28-RR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-05A28-SL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-05A28-SR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A22-RL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A22-RR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A22-SL8.661 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A22-SR8.661 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A23-RL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A23-RR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A23-SL9.055 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A23-SR9.055 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A24-RL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A24-RR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A24-SL9.449 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A24-SR9.449 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A25-RL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A25-RR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A25-SL9.843 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A25-SR9.843 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A26-RL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A26-RR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A26-SL10.236 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A26-SR10.236 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A27-RL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A27-RR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A27-SL10.63 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A27-SR10.63 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A28-RL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A28-RR11.024 ″right (R)
RS2-00-06A28-SL11.024 ″left (L)
RS2-00-06A28-SR11.024 ″right (R)



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