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Prostheses for Veterans

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Information for Veterans

Veterans’ Prosthetic Panel

Veterans who have lost a limb whilst in military service or whose limb loss is attributable to an injury sustained whilst in service qualify for funding for their prostheses. Funding requests go through the Veterans’ Prosthetics Panel (VPP) which was established in 2012 and is an excellent way of ensuring that veterans can access high quality prostheses regardless of which Disablement Service Centre (DSC) they attend.

U.S. Veteran sits atop a large training tire in San Antonio, Texas

Continue to be your best, with the best

Ottobock was founded in 1919 to help those wounded in WWI get back to everyday life. Since then, we’ve maintained close relationships with veterans to research, develop and distribute advanced technology specifically suited to the needs of injured veterans.

Not only do we provide the best prosthetic devices to veterans but we also work alongside BLESMA who offer the best advice and support for limbless veterans. Find out more about this amazing charity here

Ottobock Prostheses

Ottobock Prostheses

All types of prostheses are available to veterans. Here is a selection of our popular Ottobock prostheses.

Empower Ankle

The only microprocessor-controlled prosthetic foot available on the market with powered propulsion. The benefits that the foot offers have been proven in numerous clinical studies and now Veterans can upgrade to the latest Empower!

Limb Combinations

Limb Combinations


Genium with Empower

Based on human movement as the model, the Genium has been developed even further since its launch in 2011. The result is a noticeably smoother gait and even better support and safety in everyday situations, for instance on ramps, in confined spaces or when changing walking speeds. When combined with Empower, the only powered propulsion foot available, you end up with a powerful intuitive solution.


Genium X3 with Triton Side Flex

With the Triton Side Flex, we have developed a prosthetic foot that provides extraordinary side-to-side flexibility and when combined with Genium X3, offers the ideal agile solution for active amputees.

A group of amputees from across the globe pose in their Ottobock bionic hands

Myo Plus with bebionic Hand

Myo Plus makes it possible to utilise the prosthesis control functions in a unique and entirely natural manner. When combined with the bebionic hand, it an advanced mind controlled upper limb solution.


Sportsline with QuickChange

The Challenger is the ultimate fitness foot for amputees wishing to take part in high-activity sports at both beginner and professional levels. Whether playing basketball, badminton, netball, hockey or football the Challenger's added stability and excellent control during rapid movement lends itself to high-impact team sports. The Challenger’s superb shock absorption and energy return enables comfortable yet fast movements for field, court and running sports. Plus it's waterproof and has a weight limit of 90kg. By combining with the QuickChange adaptor, amputees can change from sports to everyday feet as easily as putting on shoes.

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Getting your Limb Solutions

Getting your Limb Solutions

A centralised fund is available through the NHS and administered by the Veterans Prosthetic Panel (VPP). It was created to help support veterans who were injured while serving their country. This fund covers the cost of any prostheses that meet your clinical needs and this includes anything from new sockets, liners and componentry such as Genium or Genium X3.

Once you have been to see your prosthetist and your clinical needs agreed, your prosthetist will process your application for funding and pending approval, will arrange a convenient fitting date for you to get you new limb solutions and continue to be the best with the best.

The great news is, veteran funding can be accessed repeatedly as your prostheses age and the warranties expire.

Veteran Blog

Veteran Blog

Are you a veteran using an Ottobock prosthesis?

We want to ensure every veteran continues to get the very best in prosthetic technology, so we need your help! Whether you still use your original Ottobock prostheses or have recently received new ones, we would love to hear your story and how your life has changed since 2012. Do you want to be involved in our veteran photo and video shoot and star in our next marketing campaign? Simply email with your name and contact number and we'll be in touch.

United States Veteran sits in front of a weight machine inside a gym


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