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Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot user Carole standing on rocks with the ocean behind her.
Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot user Carole standing on rocks with the ocean behind her.
Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot user Carole standing on rocks with the ocean behind her.

Carole's Taleo Adjust Story.

Carole King Briggs – A Journey to Rediscovered Mobility.

Carole King Briggs is a retired army veteran known for her bubbly and friendly nature. Her life took an unexpected turn during a trampoline lesson in the military when a terrible accident left her with all the ligaments in her knee severed. For 23 years she endured numerous surgeries and countless hospital visits to try and repair her knee and was in constant pain with little improvement. In 2010 she made the difficult decision to have an above the knee leg amputation.

"It was the best decision of my life," she recalls, her relief unmistakable even now. The unrelenting pain she had endured was finally gone, and she embarked on her prosthetic rehabilitation journey with renewed hope.

Over the years, Carole has tried numerous prosthetics, with each offering its own set of benefits and limitations. One persistent issue she faced was severe lower back pain, which significantly hampered her mobility. Long walks would often result in great discomfort, limiting her ability to enjoy simple activities.

Despite these challenges, Carole maintained a positive outlook on life. She emphasised the importance of mindset in effective rehabilitation, which led her to explore adventurous activities like skydiving and scuba diving post-amputation. Her determined spirit and refusal to be constrained by her physical limitations have been truly inspiring.

At the beginning of 2024, Carole received her first microprocessor knee, the C-Leg 4 and a Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot, a decision that has been transformative for her. The Taleo Adjust, known for its exceptional shock-absorbing qualities, has eliminated the lower back pain that previously bothered her. Describing her experience, Carole says, "It's a total game changer."

"It's got a spring in the step," she explains. "When you go back onto the heel, it takes the pressure. It's like a sponge. I've gone from a heel-toe two-step motion to one smooth step. It's a natural glide instead of feeling clunky and heavy-footed. Energy is transferred into my walking style instead of the floor."

The impact at the back of her heel has been significantly reduced, alleviating the strain on her back. "The natural motion of my foot has taken away the impact at the back of the heel. Now, the force doesn't travel up from my leg into my back. My back pain has completely disappeared. I'm totally, totally happy." In the three months since she started using the Taleo Adjust, Carole's mobility has been reinvigorated. She can now walk the three miles into town and back unassisted, a feat she once thought impossible. The shock-absorbing qualities of the Taleo Adjust have not only relieved her pain but also restored a sense of normalcy and confidence to her life.

With her 60th birthday on the horizon, Carole is more excited than ever. The Taleo Adjust fits perfectly with her lifestyle, allowing her to wear heels once again. With it’s easy to adjust button the Taleo Adjust can be used with heels from 0 to 7cm allowing Carole the flexibility and freedom to enjoy a variety of shoes. "My confidence has soared. I can now wear heels!" Carole beams, the joy in her voice unmistakable. “I hadn’t worn heels since 1992, now I wear a two-and-a-half-inch heeled boot and my outfits look better. It’s made such a difference!”

Carole's journey is a testament to her resilience and positive attitude. She is passionate about inspiring other amputees to overcome their challenges and live life on their own terms. Her story is one of perseverance and the belief that with the right mindset and technology, one can achieve remarkable things.

Carole now works closely with BLESMA, an organisation dedicated to supporting limbless veterans. She performs wellness checks on fellow amputees, always providing a supportive and encouraging presence. "You can only achieve what you believe you can," she advises. She encourages setting small goals and working towards them, a philosophy that has guided her own journey.

"Until you can change your mind, you can't change your walk," Carole often says, a mantra that encapsulates her belief in the power of a positive mindset.

Carole's story is not just about overcoming physical pain but about reclaiming her life and passions. Her newfound mobility has allowed her to enjoy hobbies like walking with her daughter, something she cherishes deeply. She's also been able to help train new physios, sharing her experiences and insights to benefit others. She's gearing up to walk in the Remembrance Day parade in London, a challenge she feels ready to face with her new prosthetic technology. She's also looking forward to visiting Morocco with her daughter in the summer, eager to enjoy life to the fullest.

Carole's journey from a debilitating injury to a life of newfound mobility and confidence is a powerful reminder of the impact that advanced prosthetic technology can have. Her story with the Taleo Adjust and C-Leg is one of hope, resilience, and the unwavering belief in moving forward, no matter the obstacles.

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